The price for one qurbani is just  £125  in the UK

We have been providing Qurbani services in the UK for the past 4 years. We can guarantee that your Qurbani will provide hot and cold food packs to some of the most vulnerable people in the UK. Where the recipient has the ability to cook the meat, raw meat will also be provided.

If you wish to, collect a third of your Qurbani as fresh cut meat ( approximately 4Kg) from either:
East London, West London, Manchester or Glasgow.
Closer to Eid, we will inform you of where you can collect your share from. There is no cost to collect a share!

Simply enter your name, select your options from the drop-down lists and click “Complete your order”

For just  £40  have one third of your qurbani cooked and provide hot meals to the needy.

You can choose to cook 1, 2 or all 3 shares of the animal.

• No shares cooked = £125
• 1 share cooked = £165
• 2 shares cooked = £205
• Whole animal cooked = £245

Once cooked, your Qurbani will provide hot meals for upto  120 people !

Your Qurbani really will make a difference!

Testimonials, pictures and feedback of Feedathon 2013 are available here.

In 2013, with your help, we managed:

2,700 hot food packs to the needy in Greater Manchester and London

3/4 of a tonne (750kg) of raw meat distributed via organisations in Glasgow, London, Nottingham, Birmingham & Greater Manchester. This included womens refuges, homeless centres & elderly centres.

1,000 bags of raw meat given directly to individuals & families

How many shares are there in one qurbani?
Each qurbani animal is divided into 3 shares. 2 shares will be distributed to the needy (either cooked or raw) and one share can be collected by the donor if they choose to. However, YOU MUST inform us of this choice at the time of donating.

When can I collect my share(s)?
We will inform you closer to Eid of the date, time and location to collect your share(s). The collection date is usually on the first 2 days of Eid.

Why can’t I collect more than one share of my Qurbani?
Our scheme only allows the collection of one share (one third) of the Qurbani. If you wish to collect more than one share, then this scheme is not for you!

How many qurbanis can I order?
There is not limit on the number of qurbanis that you may order through us.

I want to collect from a location that is not displayed in the list. Why is that?
When a specific location has already reached it’s quota of qurbanis, then unfortunately we have to close it off. Please select another collection location.

Are all your butchers HMC certified?
We vet all our butchers before working with them. All have provided satisfactory evidence before we work with them.

Qurbani in the name(s) of Total (£) 1st share 2nd share 3rd share
Total Amount
If collecting a share, select collection location